Scott Brady

Turning competitors into a revenue sources

The Boss's Wife

 “You can be replaced!”

Shortly after turning down a management position At Hugh M. Woods (a subdivision of now defunct Payless Cashways), a colleague I liked at another store took the position and became my supervisor.

During a meeting a month or so later he said he was going to change my days off. After informing him I didn’t have a problem with an occasional schedule change he informed me he intended the change to be permanent. I looked him straight in the eye and informed him there was only one thing he’ll have to do; take out an ad for my replacement.

I kept my schedule but didn’t know that his wife who I had never met was the one pushing him for the change. The following week she and I ran across one another in a local bar frequented by many employees and the first words out of her mouth were, “You’re Scott? You know you can be replaced

I responded with, “You think so? Let’s talk about that for a minute.” I was called away to play pool after summarizing much of what you’ll find on this site/credentials’, but she left before I returned.

I wasn’t sure what kind of impression I made until Danny worked the same shift days later. He said, “I don’t know what you said to Paula, but she’s invited you over for poker night on Friday. How ’bout it?”

“I’d love to”, I responded. We played poker once a month until I left to work on Governor Roy Romer’s ranch about a year later.

During this time my personal sales, which were continually tracked for performance were well over 300k per year. Inventory ‘turns’ for the department went from 6 to 12.2, and the store’s turns went from 5.1 to 6.7. Usually stock outages will rise in a hyper market with turns exceeding 6, generally optimum level.


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