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The concept of being a sales ambassador is just that. The sales ambassador represents the company, as well as the product offerings. The role of the sales person, as that ambassador, is to present appropriate product to the customer – the country, to the satisfaction of all. Not just the pros, but the cons if not applied correctly. Some know this as the win/win/win scenario.

In retail the sales person already has the edge when the customer walks through the door:

  1. That this person has a need
  2. It’s highly unlikely (although not impossible) that the Do-It-Yourself customer is lacking what the skilled professional already, or should already have – knowledge. Hopefully, practical experience as well.

The sales person like an ambassador should be polite, informative, have the support of the sovereigns (the companies and product lines he/she represents, and be as honestly forthright as possible for he or she the intelligence or resources that country, the customer may have. To do so in either direction will likely mean a break down, or at the very least, a setback in relations.



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